Looking for a Pressure Washer? Ask these Qs

Pressure washers make cleaning easy. They remove grime in no time, and trailer-mounted options have the extra advantage of mobility so they can be used even in remote areas without a nearby water source. However, cleaning professionals know that not just any pressure washer will do if you really want the job done right. Here are three questions to ask when you’re in the market for one:

How much pressure is it capable of?

Your pressure washer should pack a punch and flush out dirt and filth effectively and quickly. Check the machine’s specifications as well as the size of its motor to figure out its capabilities.

How much water can it store?

It should be able to store enough water so you can finish your cleaning jobs without running out of water at any point. Furthermore, its storage capacity will let you know how much weight you need to transport and enable you to plan accordingly.

What’s your price range?

It’s a smart move to compare prices from different shops before you make a final decision on which pressure washer to purchase. There are janitorial equipment companies in Los Angeles where you can get great deals on professional-grade pressure washers, and paying up for the very first one you find might mean missing out on more affordable alternatives elsewhere.

As an extra factor, remember to also check out the attachments that come with it to ensure that it can do a great job for you.

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