Powerful Cleaning Tool that Thrives on Pressure

Sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and even building exteriors all benefit from the power and versatility of pressure washers. The high level of compression coupled with the cleaning ability of water are more than a match for dirt and stains on most industrial or commercial surfaces.

Pressure washers not created equal

It would be unwise to have one kind of pressure washer for various surfaces. Different pressure washers are designed for different cleaning purposes. Some are so powerful that they can efficiently clean tough stains such as grease and grime, but can’t be used on cars since the pressure may damage the car’s paint job or dent its body.

Stationary or mobile?

If you plan to use the pressure washer for outdoor cleaning purposes, then a mobile pressure washer is highly recommended. These are best suited for outdoor cleaning jobs as they allow you to easily move from one area to another. A trailer mounted pressure washer can be towed to remote cleaning jobs and have independent power and water supplies.

Some like it hot

Pressure washers are usually equipped for temperature-controlled water output– cold, hot, and steam. Cold water is ideal for minor cleaning jobs like mud or loose dirt. Hot water will get rid of tougher forms of dirt and grime, while steam cleaning can actually melt grease and other petroleum-based stains. Need one washer for all kinds of jobs? Check out the tri-mode pressure washer which has all three output temperatures.

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