Helpful Floor Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Tips

A dirty floor is practically the first thing people notice when they enter a business establishment. No matter how much you try to distract their attention, if your floors are messy, your customers are sure to notice right away. Thus, if you’re in charge of maintenance of your commercial property, it’s critical to always have the necessary equipment on hand to keep your premises regularly clean.

Just like any other type of equipment, however, commercial floor cleaning equipment may also malfunction and break down. Given this, it pays to know a few maintenance tips to ensure your tools are always working optimally, until the time they need to be replaced.

Here are five essential tips for the efficient upkeep of your floor cleaning machines:

Empty and rinse recovery tanks after use. Clean shut-off filters and leave lids open so they can dry naturally.

Empty any tank that you fill with cleaning solution. Leaving solutions in the tank may clog filters and affect cleaning performance.

Brush, clean, and rinse brushes and pads after each use.

Wipe or wash away dirt from squeegees and vacuum ports before they dry up. Make sure to do this after each use.

Soak jets in a mixture of vinegar and water overnight to minimize mineral deposits.

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