Keeping Industrial Places Clean and Hygienic

Whether it’s a farm shop or a steelwork factory, the tough dirt and grime associated with heavy industry doesn’t stand a chance against an industrial floor scrubber. Shop owners who want to make their business safer and more hygienic should start with the floors then move on to other parts.

Invest in a floor scrubber

Sweeping just doesn’t cut it anymore for businesses big and small. A farm shop owner in North Dakota previously used a special compound that could remove floor dust, but they would have to buy it too often. With a walk-behind floor scrubber, one person could clean up the shop floor in less time, plus the scrubber did a far better job of removing the dust.

Breathe new life into stained, chipped floors

Restore the old shine of the shop floor by laying down a glossy, easy-to-sweep epoxy paint surface that also resists solvents. With proper preparation, the epoxy paint will have no trouble bonding to the floor surface.

Cleaning up dingy walls

The combination of engine exhaust and smoke from welding torches and plasma cutters can darken metal shop walls to the point that they become dingy and reflect less light. Apply a good multi-surface degreasing cleanser on walls with a sponge or a spray bottle.

Light up the place

The most popular fluorescent lighting for shops is the T5 fixture which gives near-sunlight illumination at the most reasonable price and without generating much heat. The T5 lamps generally last for 20,000 hours.

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